UPside Visa From Plastyc – Refill Mobile Phone Minutes In 85 Countries

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Plastyc’s mobile top-up service for UPside Visa and iBankUP account holders now works in 85 countries.

How it works is this: UPside Visa and iBankUP account holders can simply log-in to their account, enter any mobile phone number from any of the 85 approved countries, and top-up, or add minutes to that phones account.

The service saves people in the US the hassle of buying refill packs and scratch cards for their own prepaid phones, and it provides a fast, easy way to send value to loved ones in other countries. Outside the US, prepaid mobile phone service is more common than contract service.

A prior version of the Top Up service offered 30 destination countries, including the world’s most populated countries and countries with large immigrant populations in the US such as China, India, Mexico and the Philippines. It quickly grew popular with Plastyc customers with homelands abroad.

Read the full story here: Refill Mobile Phone Minutes in 85 Countries with UPside Visa from Plastyc

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